I bring over 10 years of sports massage experience and incorporate acupuncture and acupressure within my treatments to deliver incredible results. I am a trained dancer with over 20 years of professional experience. I was the director of my own international performing arts company for 15 years specialising in dance and acrobatics, therefore I have a detailed knowledge of how the human body works.

I established my speciality working with dancers and performers and this remains one of my passions.

With this insight I offer my knowledge to everyone.

Massage is an excellent and necessary way for all of us to relax the body and mind and to replenish our energies.

In my one-on-one mind & body aligned session I like to explore the way in which each of us manages our stress. Stress creates a unique association between our body-tension and our dysfunctions and injuries. Many of us will have lived for a long time with our posture out of balance without even knowing it and this is the route to long term injuries being created. A consequence of the deterioration of the body is that we are then more vulnerable to being injured.

How and where we manifest this in our body is my interest.

The treatment starts with a thorough consultation focusing on postural positioning analysis, determining the source of pain, dysfunctions and injuries. From there, I will establish the best course of treatment to not only soothe muscular pain but for preventative measures too.
Please note that the treatment is not simply a massage, the session will incorporate a range of techniques to offer tailor-made results.

Temporarily closed due to a bereavement