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Temporarily closed due to a bereavement

Temporarily closed due to a bereavement


Since March 2017 I have been offering a range of massage treatments in a comfortable and relaxing environment. I am opening a new studio for massage and small group classes. My vision for the space is to create a range of opportunities where people can grow in strength and happiness. By offering massage and a range of classes I will help you to improve and together we´ll find a way to work, to relax, to release and to heal.

The studio comprises a private massage room as well as a multi-purpose body training studio.

My approach to improving your health is a detailed postural analysis to identify the origins of problems. I bring attention to the stress in your body and together we’ll explore what this means.

In synchronicity with massage practise I will be creating two groups per day of yoga and pilates and other days there will be classes of maintenance, comprising stretching and dynamic exercises as I believe strongly this is the way to long lasting improvements.

Working with some talented tutors we can offer a bespoke work out to help you build lasting strength, remove tension in your body and repair any damage.

Classes are small so the tutors will have time to offer close observation and intensive support so that each person can develop their own objectives and reach the targets for fitness and wellness that they want to achieve.

Tuesdays Yoga class with Sue Bradley. 6 to 7 pm. Free for clients, or buy 5 classes for £45 .

Wednesdays Pilates class with Jonathan Jones. 6 to 7 pm. Free for clients, or buy 5 classes for £45 .

This is the perfect place for athletes and performers, my particular expertise is with dancers and I want to create a space where professionals can be working out regularly and preventing injuries.


My dream is to be constantly bringing new things to my clients. I’m open to new ideas or classes and welcome enquiries from professionals looking to lead sessions.

The studio space is available to hire for workshops that we can be promoting to clients.

We are proud to host a psychotherapy group  run by the Psycotherapist Mu´Dita from 29th of August for 16 weeks from 7 to 8 pm every Tuesday. Details on our blog.

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Temporarily closed due to a bereavement